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Moonscape and Factory Butte tour

3-4h half-day Private tour, (min2*, 1-8 passengers)

The Factory Butte and Skyline Overview (Moonscape overlook), a region formerly known to only locals and insiders which now has become increasingly popular and desired due to its otherworldly beauty and its increased visibility on popular social media posts. The Factory Butte region is located in the remote desert of the San Rafael Swell that is more safely & easily accessible with a knowledgeable guide and a capable, comfortable luxury off-road vehicle. Guest will be transported to the region by a guide with over a decade of experience exploring and photographing these rather exclusive places who will comfortably get them there whether for those epic photos or just a sightseeing experience rivaled by few places on Earth. 
An optional add-on hike to experience the spectacular, out of this world Blue Valley Spires, more commonly known as the Angel of Death and Long Dong Silver, is one not to be missed. This area and your up close and personal experience in it, safely guided by Meridian, will surely be a highlight of unique beauty on your adventure. It's the perfect addition to your Moonscape and Factory Butte tour as it gets you a more intimate experience within the stunning region that you overlook from Moonscape. Drone use is permitted on this excursion. No technical skills are required other than fitness to walk approximately 2 miles and ascend about 150' of elevation if you wish to experience the spires at their closest viewing point.

*Booking requires a payment for a minimum of 2 passengers.
**We pick up all our customers from their hotels/AirBnB in Teasdale and Torrey areas at no charge.
***Pease understand that in order to book a sunrise experience, you must choose the add-on option, in addition to your selected tour. No matter the departure time you choose, we will contact you and coordinate a proper departure time specific to your date and pick up location (sunrise time changes daily as well as distances and time must be considered regarding each location) in order to achieve being on site as the sun rise occurs.

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