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Stargazing with
Milky Way Portrait

$150 per person
1h Private Tour. 

Would you like to have a one-of-a-kind portrait along with your one-of-a-kind Dark-Sky tour? If so, Meridian is your best bet. We have done years of leg work and location scouting all to give you a souvenir that few people will ever have let alone even imagine possible. Would you like to see yourself in a photo with the incredible landscape of this world-renowned Dark-Sky region in the foreground and the vast, immeasurable awe and beauty of the Milky Way as your backdrop? Look no further and we will give you a memory both tangible and sharable of a most unique experience stargazing in this special place. These portraits are included in our dark sky experience.

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Stargazing tour

$120 per group of max 4.

We can accommodate 8-10 guests on dark -sky off-road stargazing excursions in and around Capitol Reef. There are many areas to choose from based on conditions and details that change regularly and with Meridian as your guide, you can be sure to maximize your experience. We have literally spent years exploring and cataloging the region's best spots for both stargazing/Milky Way viewing and photography as well as specializing our knowledge of all these areas based on seasonal movements of the celestial features and climactic conditions that can effect both the views and comfort level of our guests. We always have up to date information on when and where to get our guests the best views. We are just a phone call or click away to set up your dark-sky journey. Rates start at $120 for a Private Tour group of 1-4 people and can be customized based on your particular desires and needs.

Routes and itineraries change due to many variables and are customizable to your specific preferences and needs. There are also considerations and changes made seasonally as well as more often depending on availability of access to certain areas which are affected by but not limited to weather and road/trail conditions. We keep up to the minute information on our region and conditions of the areas we travel to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and safety. Please contact us to discuss current conditions and options regarding your desired service.

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