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The Hell and Back tour

6 hours
$250 per person
$320 Private tour (1-4 passengers)

Looking to experience breathtaking scenery which spans from a 1500ft high bridge passing between two mountains to an otherworldly place of geologic beauty in the lower desert canyons of The Grand Staircase Escalante Region? This aptly named route is for you. You will see the amazing Hell's Backbone area of the Box Death Hollow region and its famous single span bridge with a lesson in the amazing history of its construction. This high mountain pass has a view of geologic "fins" of rock that jut up out of the lower forested canyons like the massive vertebrae of beasts lurking in the valley below. The vistas and views of this region are ones few get to experience and those who do never forget. You will then be transported to an entirely different geologic region known as Devil's Garden where the arches, spires, and hoodoos will fill your imagination, and your memory card, with wonderful mementos of your adventure! Interested in booking? Get in touch to learn more now.

Routes and itineraries change due to many variables and are customizable to your specific preferences and needs. There are also considerations and changes made seasonally as well as more often depending on availability of access to certain areas which are affected by but not limited to weather and road/trail conditions. We keep up to the minute information on our region and conditions of the areas we travel to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and safety. Please contact us to discuss current conditions and options regarding your desired service.

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