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Meeks Mesa Arch
guided hiking tour

5-6h full day Private tour (*min 2, 1-8 people)

How would you like to see a side of the Waterpocket Fold that few have even endeavored to reach, let alone experienced? We will guide you safely and educate you on all you will traverse as you venture to the top of Meek's Mesa with us. Your Odyssee will begin with a climb through some spectacularly colorful bentonite clays dating back to the Jurassic era when the Dinosaurs roamed the same region you are now traversing. As you climb out of this colorful stripped sedimentary formation, you will emerge on Cook's Mesa, where you will be guided through a petrified forest that you won't believe hasn't made it into everyone's top hiking destinations yet. These examples of mineralized ancient trees will leave you amazed and compare equally to any popular place known for such examples. This personal Petrified Forest is only the halfway point in your journey as even more amazement and beauty awaits you as your experienced guide now leads you up to the top of Meek's Mesa. Here you will be guided through a wonderland if red rock formations including fins, rock windows, and even a spectacular arch that hasn't made itself widely known because of the effort you have just put forth to gaze upon its magnificence. This experience will leave you with a sense of accomplishment, amazement, and appreciation of the wondrous places you were bold enough to experience. Join us in a memorable hike to one of our favorite spots and you will certainly make it one of yours!
*Booking requires a payment for a minimum of 2 people. You can add a 1 hour hike to Lower Spring Canyon Overlook and a lunch with a breathtaking view over almost entire Capitol Reef.

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