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bentonite overlook.jpg

Bentonite Hills tour

4 hours
Private tour
$150 per person, min 2

You will be transported across a landscape that covers over 200 million years of paleontological history by a guide who will share knowledge of the region's ancient and more recent history. The scenic beauty of this experience is unrivaled anywhere and combined with the specific details of this Jurassic wonderland, you will be treated to an all-senses experience that will fill your memory, and memory card!, with a unique and exclusive adventure. The route is filled with one-of-a-kind photographic opportunities as well as being a legal area for drone usage! This experience includes an off-road adventure not accessible to most vehicles including a river crossing, desert traversals, and the detailed, local knowledge of an experienced guide! Snacks and bottled water are provided as well as reference material to further enrich your understanding and appreciation of the region you will be exploring.

Routes and itineraries change due to many variables and are customizable to your specific preferences and needs. There are also considerations and changes made seasonally as well as more often depending on availability of access to certain areas which are affected by but not limited to weather and road/trail conditions. We keep up to the minute information on our region and conditions of the areas we travel to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and safety. Please contact us to discuss current conditions and options regarding your desired service.

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