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Walking with Dinosaurs tour

6 hours
$320 Private Tour (1-4 passengers)

Ever imagined what it was like to see back in time millions of years ago? Have you dreamed of Dinosaurs and long ago creatures and land before time since you were a child? Do you still nurture that amazement and desire to learn of what came before you? Now, how would it sound to have a personal experience here on the same land that once played host to these amazing giants? We have several options of experiences depending on season and conditions to bring that distant past to life, at least in your imagination. You can literally walk where they did and amaze at what they left behind. Get in touch and we'll get you out there to begin your trip back in time!

Routes and itineraries change due to many variables and are customizable to your specific preferences and needs. There are also considerations and changes made seasonally as well as more often depending on availability of access to certain areas which are affected by but not limited to weather and road/trail conditions. We keep up to the minute information on our region and conditions of the areas we travel to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and safety. Please contact us to discuss current conditions and options regarding your desired service.

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